Our Philosophy

This concept store is the story of two friends, Claire and Nathalie, who wanted to change the world just a little. Their goal is to bring more gentleness and humour into our everyday lives. Their idea is to nurture the notion of "cuddle therapy". To develop objects that will enable people to be with one another, side by side. Things that bring people closer together while still respecting their sense of personal space. The ultimate function of these objects is to enhance our feeling of freedom, all the while maintaining a sense of balance that everything is in its place. On a more intimate level, they hope they will influence people, to share in laughter and dreams while reading and talking in bed.

Our motto is to create sweet, soft and agreeable objects of pure comfort delight, that will pamper you, reassure you and relax you. Our products are fun, beautiful and tasteful in design all at the same time. Our first product line, the Couettabra, is a revolution in bed linen. Because our duvet really does engulf you into its warm arms, each case has a name chosen with a specific emotion and feeling in mind.

Our Couettabra duvet will keep you warm and relaxed, with the added benefit of knowing that your heating bill will be getting lower too. Put simply: it is pure peace of mind and tranquility.

By working exclusively with French companies, Claire and Nathalie are able to obtain, a very high quality standard, on their wide range of products. Their expertise and responsiveness is focused entirely on getting their products to you faster. They pride themselves on a service that guarantees ease of delivery while always keeping in mind energy efficiency for the environment.

Claire and Nathalie want to give meaning to their actions and creations - they not only seek to focus solely on their business incentives. For each item sold, a percentage of the sale will be given to children in hospital.


Whose life is fabrics, fabrics, fabrics; Claire feels them, touches them, kneads, cherishes them and has done since she was a little girl. A wardrobe dresser, costume designer, she has worked with the greatest of television and film. A meticulous perfectionist and ready to go ahead and act on realising her ideas, she embarked on Couettabra.


Dream, invent, create, this is the raison d'être of Nathalie, 10 thousand ideas a minute, playful words. The woman behind the original idea for the business, Nathalie designed the Couettabra. So that everyone could benefit from her idea, she decided to commercialise.